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The idea for Pulse was not conceived fully-formed. Like many collaborative projects, it evolved. Inspired in 2012 when shown acrylic shoreline paintings by a local artist, I set to work on a composition in an attempt to 'paint' a musical equivalent that would convey the same intimate sense of serendipitous discovery and serenity. The result was Coastylus, a 10-minute instrumental piece so titled to allude to the macroscopic analogy of a jagged coastline to a vinyl record groove. So far so surreal...
Not long after that the idea for a joint exhibition took hold, but at that point only included paintings and music. However, a visit to Scotland later that year changed everything. With Coastylus as my musical compass I captured many hours of detailed coastline video footage. Once edited to music and post-processed the short film soon revealed its potential as the missing glue to bind the project together. The Pulse trinity had found its legs at last.
Pulse - video, music & fine art

Subsequent field trips to France and Norfolk delivered many more GBs of precious raw video data. And as any film maker will tell you through clenched teeth, you can never have enough. The main chosen subject headings for Pulse were coast, water, mountains and sky. Most were covered by my own footage, though some video segments, most notably 'sky', benefited from being supplemented by third-party material which was then post-processed to suit the general theme.
Whilst assembling music and video for the four main elements the idea of a Leitmotiv arose. Pulse I somehow leaped off my keyboard one rainy Sunday afternoon and soon spawned two evolving siblings, Pulse II & III. All three pieces help to plot the key co-ordinates of nature's great arc and thus hopefully meld all of Pulse's sections into one cohesive entity.

Pulse 1 (Tom Berlin)

Pulse 1 by Tom Berlin
Pulse - Fluiscope teaser on Vimeo

One final idea emerged near the end of the project, and probably as a result of too many late nights at the video editing screen. With all of my footage captured and rendered in 1080 HD definition, still images from the fully-processed video are of sufficiently high quality for large-scale reproduction. Of the dozens of images proposed five were selected for printing to A1 artist canvas in readiness for subsequent unique acrylic paint treatment to turn them into mixed-media exhibits.

Pulse MM art 4 Pulse MM art 1
Pulse MM art 2 Pulse MM art 3 Pulse MM art 5

Pulse exhibition poster

While the exhibition itself is open for 3 months it makes artistic and commercial sense to encapsulate some of its content in reproducible format. All paintings (acrylic and mixed media) are sold as originals only, but video and music are available on DVD, with the latter also scheduled for separate CD album release.

Pulse CDs and DVDs arrive from manufacturing plant
Never less than a red-letter day when the finished goodies arrive at last. Not only is there a sense of fulfillment after months (years, to be honest...) of hard slog, but also the relief of knowing that nothing more can/must/will be done. Provided they sell themselves, of course...

The Pulse DVD features the entire seventy-minute film plus many extras.
Re-mastered in true stereo from the original 24bit multitrack recordings, the Pulse CD album contains the complete film score and benefits from an enhanced dynamic range and audio definition.

The final act was to create an ambient music track as 'mood music' for the doors-open phase of the exhibition. It started out as a mash-up of some Coastylus elements but then acquired a number of new additions and hence its own name: Pulsessence. Better still, it's available here for free download.

Pulse exhibition at the castle Pulse vernissage

Summitude (Tom Berlin)

Summitude by Tom Berlin
Summitude by Tom Berlin

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