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Groundhog Studio has been Blue Flux's recording den of choice for a number of years now. Band-owned, it meets most demands without being overly geeky or bone-dry clinical. It's a place where present tense rules, where the outside world ducks out of sight for a few precious hours each day and where no idea is too ridiculous until proven so by time.

I/O gear: Sonar X1 Producer DAW; M-Audio Fast Track Ultra interface; Genelec 1029A, Presonus Eris5 and Richard Allan monitors; KRK10S subwoofer; Audyssey ARC2 room correction system.

Groundhog Studio 2015

Amongst the many instruments vying for our attention here none make their presence felt quite like the ever-growing guitar gang. Below is the latest rogues' gallery. Spot the ring leader...

Stringed wonders

Omnisphere 2 - synth plugin by Spectrasonics
New arrivals:

What better way to detonate the creative lull that inevitably followed the completion of Don't Let Go than to get a new studio toy. They say we shape our tools, and then our tools shape us. I'd agree with that, certainly within the context of inspiration.

Omnisphere 2 is a monster of a synth plugin. Stuffed to the rafters with inspiring waveforms, oscillators, modulators and effects, I can already see huge potential here for future compositions. Its ability to import user audio as well is the shiny icing on a rich cake, so I'm itching to mix and mangle some of my own source material very soon.

Groundhog Studio 2015


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