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Blue Flux - Black Dress (2013) 
All good things

09. Nov. 2013
- You know these ideas that pop up out of nowhere? They fascinate for a few days, then, poof! Gone. Only to reappear repeatedly a few weeks later. Sooner or later you can't ignore them any longer, so you nail them down. Black Dress is one of those. Cheers!

Music from the ends of the earth

16. June. 2013
- It's the new postcard. Pics alone just don't cut it anymore when we can capture sound and video at the touch of a sweaty button. Never one to shy from new gizmos (erhem...) I've often travelled with a mobile recorder and a small guitar (Baby Taylor) in recent years.
The wild nature of remote places acts like a magnet, not just on the car's sat nav system but also on my musical compass it seems.
This time I've gone one step further by adding instrumentation to the field recordings upon returning home. This has translated the guitar tunes into fully-fledged compositions while keeping their original feel intact. A mini album, then? If four short-ish instrumental tracks suffice, yes.
So here they are. From the jagged sea cliffs of Finistère and the weightless cocoon of our studio straight to you. Best of all, all four tracks are free. Maybe I should take up busking instead?

Blue Flux - Dust (2013) 
With proof this robust...

22. April. 2013
- Boy, we sure struck that hot iron last week. Well ok, all it needed was light hammer work and some fast quenching. Dust was a song started a little while back but never quite finished. It is now. Make sure to turn your sub-woofer on.

Blue Flux - Pipeline (2013) 
No surrender

10. April. 2013
- Back from the Pulse sabbatical  (see below) and on with album work. The break had helped to clear heads, on the lyrics front at least. The new MiniNova synth also got to stretch its (little) legs for the first time and did us proud. If you've ever been taken one "experience" too far then Pipeline is for you.


22. Jan. 2013
- with the "Pulse" music in the bag
(see below) and riding high on inspiration, what better time to get cracking on the video side of things? Drawing on some waterfall footage I'd shot earlier it didn't take long to assemble this element's rough framework. The detailed edits that followed were more time-consuming but also a lot of fun.
A teaser of the finished article can be found in the video section below. YouTube permitting I might even upload the full-length (14 minutes!) video of Fluiscope at a future date. Meanwhile, back to work. One down, four to go...

work in progress

Shooting Star

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