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Blue Flux - Pulse 1 (2012) 

17. Dec. 2012
- art for art's sake, life's what we make. No comment on artistic merit, but on the creative front things have been unusually prolific here. Nearly one hour of new music in two months surely must mean someone was having fun. And so it is that all commissioned tracks for the upcoming 'Pulse - Landscape Art' installation are in the bag, ready for mastering and handover early next year.
As a preview here is a short track from it, Pulse 1, which sets the cadence for a number of related pieces that act as links between the four main titles.

Have a peaceful and blissed-out year's end, and an inspired 2013.

Gone fishing

22. Nov. 2012
- work on our new album is on temporary hold as we've been commissioned to write a suite of atmospheric tracks for an upcoming art exhibition.
Enjoying the challenge of working to a brief and new material is popping up thick and fast (not THAT fast - it's ambient style, so down-tempo). Squeezing every last whacky drop from weird synth textures and samples, but there's ample guitar and fretless bass too. The current plan is to release these tracks on a separate album in the near future.
Work on the main album will pick up soon again. We're about halfway through, so this little sabbatical came at an opportune time to help gain some distance and perspective before diving back in.

Blue Flux - Z-SHIFT (2012) 

02. Sept. 2012
- Tricky birth, this one. But when it started walking there was no stopping this new song. Damn near wrecked the studio in the end. But worth it for the smiles alone. We think it's going to become a scientist. Oops - maybe not.

Blue Flux - Midas Suite (2012) 
Golden moment

17. July 2012
- Here's a quote I quite like: “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”  (George Bernard Shaw)
Does this in any way relate to our latest song, Midas Suite? Doubtful, but not impossible.

Blue Flux - Don't Let Go (2012)
The more the merrier

08. June 2012
- With the warmer season upon us staying cooped up in the studio takes a bit of resolve. Pleased to report therefore that we slapped the packing tape on another new song. It's called Don't Let Go and it's special. Find out why here. Have a good summer!

Blue Flux on Twitter
A small step for man...

24. April 2012
...but a big-ish leap for Blue Flux. Hitting the 1K mark on our favourite network is reason for modest celebration. Cheers all!

Studio snaps

20.March.2012 - no sooner said than done: updated studio pics are now up.

Collider Two's company

11.March 2012
- With Collider, our second new song, in the bag I thought now might be a good time to give these pages a quick once-over. There's a new 'Work In Progress' page to capture all our new songs as they emerge, blinking, from their studio lair.
You probably won't even notice all the other little housekeeping tweaks. One item still missing is a new photo of our upgraded studio; I hope to have that seen to shortly.
Finally, we are heading towards the big 1K followers on Twitter. Small fry for some, a big deal for us. So if you aren't yet and fancy a bit of extra light and shade on your Twitter timeline, please follow us. We usually tweet no more than once or twice a day, so you don't even need to buy yourself a larger screen.

Blue Flux
                                          - Drawing The Line First new line drawn

- It took a little longer than expected, but our first new song post studio upgrade is now complete. Let's say the learning curve wasn't as steep as it was long. Well worth it though. Corner turned. Dazzling horizon ahead.
The new song is called Drawing The Line and it's ready and waiting for you here.

work in progress

Shooting Star

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