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The year that was, and a present

- It's that time again to take stock. At year's end 
I'm pleased to report zero system defects here at Blue Flux Central. But 2011 sure had its fair share of stampeding madness, headless panic and last minute resolutions. Most of these were connected to our Shooting Star launch. Par for the course though, and - with hindsight - gladly suffered for the joy of feeling the steady heartbeat of a new album.

Other fruits from moderately hard labour were our new videos ('my twisted life at the screen of green'), this new website layout, and Blue Flux's overdue touchdown on Twitter (surprisingly fun) and SoundCloud (ace interface). The final big push this year was to upgrade our studio (Sonar X1, in case you care) and then regain the confidence to create new & better music. As I type this the first half-finished new song awaits my eager return to the studio, so it seems all's well that ends well.
It being the season of giving, I've added a new Shooting Star track to the free download section: Picsty (p.a.). Enjoy, and have a whopping good New Year.

No rest for the wicked

18.Nov.2011 - with Shooting Star now in boundless orbit, we've started preps for our next album. In part this involves a long overdue studio upgrade. Not long ago large heavy boxes miraculously appeared at our door, soon unpacked and plugged into place. Now the head-scratching period is in full swing as we familiarise ourselves with all the new tools. Who knows where they'll take us. But there sure is a shitload of music in there, someplace.

That sinking feeling, and a song to go with it

- J
ust when I thought a good French breakfast can make my day, everyday ... I took to the skies on a paraglider. Things you do when in France. Had a great time though, and the views where breathtaking in every sense of the word.
Also recorded a chilled little track the day after, out of relief perhaps? Find it here. Bare bones stuff, recorded in the kitchen. If you listen closely you can almost hear the cowbells from the field across.

Nameless Isle gets title at last

05.Aug.11 - yep, it's taken a while and nearly fried our CPU, but Nameless Isle has finally finished rendering and now joins our little video club. It's turned into quite an atmospheric little number. Then again, so is the song. Hope you like it.

Movie madness

18.July 11 - had so much fun with the Bullets movie that we've decided to do another one. Nameless Isle (also from Shooting Star album) will have quite a different feel; mysterious & ethereal is the goal. We're about halfway there - look out for a shout and a tweet when it's done.

Bullets - the movie

13. June 2011 - for your viewing pleasure, we've put our backs into (and nearly out, see dune shot) creating a wee movie to go with our song 'Bullets'. No monkeys, jesus lizards or babies were harmed in the making of this film. See it in the video section below.

In the wilderness - Blue Flux's Scotland sessions

17. May 2011
- Just returned from a marvelous two-week trip to Scotland. The stunning scenery around the Wester Ross region, long, peaceful nights and the odd tipple of local beverage soon fired up the old imagination.

With the help of a friend's nearby studio (window view on the right) we managed to record four acoustic songs. These are only instrumentals at present and were captured 'in the raw', ie. without too much undue faffing about. Straight and simple spur of the moment stuff. After just a minimum amout of post processing they are now available for free download here as musical snapshots of our miraculous time in the beautiful wilderness.

Scotland cottage pic

Shooting Star goes global

12. April 2011 - CDs in a box aren't albums until they're plugged into the big network. Well, they are now. As of today Shooting Star is available from our independent distributors CDbaby and also from a growing number of online retailers like Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody etc. And yes, for another few weeks you can still download two album tracks from this website for nothing more than a courageous mouse click. Service, or wot?

First Shooting Stars spotted

21.March 2011 - They're here! The first CD batch just landed safe and well. Big moment? Well, we're getting a little excited, yes.

Shooting Stars make it at last

Blue Flux Direct album downloads are up

19 March 2011 - all Blue Flux albums available through BFD now sparkle with near-youthful joy following an extended remastering session to bring them up to current day standard. They are now ready for download purchase at our Shop page.

New Blue Flux website goes live

10. March 2011 - Updates will only get you so far. Like frost-battered roads, there comes a point when crack patching will simply make matters worse. So it's roll up your sleeves time. And don't even think about looking at the long road ahead...

Well it wasn't quite the Trans-Canada Highway. But a long-ish haul nonetheless, with many nights stuck in mosquito-infested HTML swamps and the odd collision with a Java-munching moose.
The truth is that Blue Flux have always maintained their own website, in genuine indie fashion perhaps, and spent moneys saved on their music instead. And with the new album finished and taken off our hands, this has been the ideal time for a root and branch re-write.

Hope you like the new feel of it. With so many new features here there's little point highlighting anything in particular. So you'll just have to do your own exploring. Have fun, enjoy the supple swish as rubber hits new road, and if you really really can't contain your excitement any longer then use the (all new, yes) Contact page to drop us a line.

Shooting Star has flown the nest

28. February 2011 - The final stages of album production also tend to be the hardest. As if selecting the songs that'll make the final cut weren't tricky enough, there's a running order to pick, album covers to design, and not forgetting the mastering of said songs to ensure they gel together into one coherent and hopefully musically pleasing package.

This time - and as a Blue Flux first - we've enlisted some help on the mastering front. Money well spent, it seems, and many days of indecision and frustration saved. And a chance to focus on the cover design before the first mastered tracks rolled in for our approval.

The final act in this long string of events is easy, but also a bit frightening: stick everything in a padded envelope and post it off to the CD manufacturer. The culmination of (in our case) nearly two years' work, and it all comes down to a postage stamp. The second that sucker hits the mailbox with a proud thud there is nothing left to do but wait. No more tweaks. Not now. Not ever. We've given it all the love we could. Now our chick has flown the nest and is heading for the horizon, with a few heart-stopping wobbles and hopeful squeaks.

work in progress

Shooting Star

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