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- The new album is coming together nicely. Eight songs in the bag, with another one or two to go for some extra choice at the final vetting stage. Given how long mastering and re-mixing took last time around, we're hazarding an educated guess of Jan/Feb 2011 for final album release. But please don't quote us on that :) [yeah, right... ED]
Expect a more detailed update by year's end, but for now, enjoy the autumn colours and a hopefully smooth run-up to the candle-lit season of happiness.

22.06.10 - It's taken a while, but now at last the website's had a good going over. Icons were polished, all letters dusted, and various pages have been blessed with new contents. Amongst those, the guitar as well as the sampling sections of our Studio pages are bristling with news. And the Shop page is up to date with all our new online outlets. Most noteworthy parhaps is that The Agenda is now available from many national Amazon sites, as are Just Dreams and The Beach.

Meanwhile, work continues on what will become the new album. Blue Flux has invested in some new kit, and it's fair to say that this, inevitably, drives us in slightly new if not unfamiliar directions. With four new songs nearly completed it's only a matter of time until we'll upload a sneak preview to this site.

18.03.10 - Ideas for the next album are coming in thick and fast, and the yellow post-it forest on our studio wall is growing steadily. Two songs are pretty much finished, for now, though inevitably there may be changes later when the whole picture begins to reveal itself.
Have been invited for two online interviews with US internet radio stations next month, will post links once available.
Looking forward to spring like the rest of you after this harsh winter weather here.

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