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What do musicians do once they've finally released a new album? Yep, they start work on the next one. That's because they're driven, mad, or excited about some new gear. Or all of the above.
For the past few months we've been bashing away at a bunch of new tracks. Some are near-finished (read, just one more mix...), others less so. We decided to work more in parallel this time, not strictly sequentially as we used to. It's proving to be a good choice. So high time to start sharing, then.

As before, each song featured here has only received 'quick and dirty' mastering treatment. Meaning, it will sound much better still once it's had the full professional audio attention before album release, when all songs are in the bag. Some things just can't be rushed.

Enjoy. And please feel free to comment. No criticism too harsh, no praise too lush.


Infinity Blue (2016)

Spagbolia (2016)

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