Don't Let Go - eternity and beyond

Don't Let Go (2015)

EP CD-015.0

Track listing:
  1. Pipeline (4.14)
  2. Collider (4.48)
  3. Drawing The Line (4.49)
  4. Midas Suite (4.30)
  5. Don't Let Go (6.34)
  6. Z-Shift (6.38)
  7. Black Dress (5.45)
  8. Dust (5.42)
  9. Cold War (8.10)
  10. Limbo In Limbo (4.06)
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Ten songs of hope and yearning, loss and discovery, inside and out. And how nobody cares without you.
In this lush musical landscape guitars are just the beginning. True to style, Blue Flux conform less and invent more. And yet each journey here lifts off and lands with a clear sense of direction, despite frequent unexpected audio turbulence. Arrival on time, though – your time.

Don't Let Go. Some say this could be Blue Flux's last album. I say, don't let go. And keep breathing.

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Don't Let Go 2015

Don't Let Go - track art
Blue Flux art - Pipeline
Blue Flux art - Collider
Blue Flux art - Drawing The Line
Blue Flux art - Midas Suite
Blue Flux art - Don't Let Go
Blue Flux art - Z-Shift
Blue Flux art - Black Dress
Blue Flux art - Dust
Blue Flux art - Cold War
Blue Flux art - Limbo In Limbo

Blue Flux - Don't Let Go (2015)